Olav Johanneson Lerrae  ‎(I4567)‎
Given Names: Olav Johanneson
Surname: Lerrae

Given Names: Olav Johannesson
Surname: Myster

Gender: MaleMale
Personal Facts and Details
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Parents Family  (F2024)
Johannes Myster
1609 - 1645
Anna ‎(unknown)‎
Olav Johanneson Lerrae
Randi Myster
Helga Myster

Immediate Family  (F2023)
Johannes Olson Leraae
1633 - 1700


Shared Note
Translated from Bygdebok, p. 193-194:

..."There was oral tradition of how the farm was inhabited. The first settler ‎(user)‎ was called Olav. He was supposed to have been next in line at Oppeluten at Myster. When his sister was married, her parents let her have the farm. Olav did not like this, as was to be expected, but neither did he wish to take up any quarrel. He put his axe on his neck ‎(shoulder)‎ and went up to Leiro. There he cleared and built himself a home. He took as his ownership the whole stretch on the north and east side of the water, way up to the mountain top in the northwest, north and east of the farm. After Olav his son Johann was the owner ‎(user)‎, and after him was Nils Johanneson. The written records seem to acknowledge and fulfill this tradition. In the beginning of the 1600s there was an owner at Myster whose name was Johannes, mentioned the first time in 1609. His wife, Anna, was a widow in 1645. She was mentioned in the Koppskatte census that year with a son Olav and daughters Randi and Helga. It is credible that they lived at Oppeluten. The next owner there was Olav Pedersson Flatekv√•l. I find that Olav Johannesson was never mentioned again, either at Myster or Leiro. The first owner at Leiro who is mentioned in the written records was called Johannes Olsson. In 1664 he was 31 years old. In 1665 he fed 10 head of cattle. It is therefore hardly possible that Johannes was the settler here. It is more credible that there was an owner before him, and that the settler was Olav Johanneson Myster as the tradition tells."

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Leraas Family in America, The
Publication: Craftsman Press Seattle, WA
Citation Details:  page 12
‎[excerpt from]‎ The Leraas Family in America‎[excerpt from]‎ The Leraas Family in America

Vaksdal Bygdebok 111
Publication: Stamnes Sokn., Norway, 1965.
Citation Details:  GARDSNR. 38 LEIRO, p. 193-194

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Family with Parents
Johannes Myster ‎(I4568)‎
Birth before 1609
Death before 1645 ‎(Age 36)‎
Family with unknown
Johannes Olson Leraae ‎(I4566)‎
Birth 1633
Death 1700 ‎(Age 67)‎