Emil D. Larson + Anna Leraas

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Emil D. Larson ‎(I2690)‎
Birth 21 April 1877
Death 21 September 1970 ‎(Age 93)‎ Sioux Falls, Minnehaha county, South Dakota

Anna Leraas ‎(I1436)‎
Birth 9 December 1882 Norway
Death 10 June 1931 ‎(Age 48)‎ Duluth, St. Louis county, Minnesota
Mons Johnsen Leraas ‎(I0251)‎
Birth 28 May 1859 Stamnes, Brukvik parish, Hordaland county, Norway
Death 22 November 1933 ‎(Age 74)‎ Canton, Lincoln county, South Dakota
Kari Johannesdatter Moen ‎(I0252)‎
Birth 1 May 1861 Hosanger, Norway
Death 20 April 1935 ‎(Age 73)‎ Canton, Lincoln county, South Dakota

Family Group Information   (F1111)
Marriage 11 July 1906 Barrett, Grant county, Minnesota

Barrett, MN 56311

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Anna, the oldest, after practicing dressmaking for a time, attended Augustana College in Canton and accepted a position as teacher in the Bailey rural school #6 in Lincoln County for one year. She married Emil D. Larson by Pastor Otto Juul at the home of her parents in Grant County near Barrett on July 11, 1906. They made their home on his farm in Elk Lake Township near Hoffman, living a short while in Elbow Lake, where he had an implement business, and then on a couple of neighboring farms before returning to their own farm again on August 8, 1911. In 1919 they moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where Emil was continuously employed at Morrell's Packing Company until his retirement.